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Through a wealth of accumulated experience, Jeromson Korak Machinery co. slitting line have grained prominent position throughout the industry several unit have been operating throughout country for ferrous & nonferrous material having demonstrated their excellent performance on market these slitting line are capable of consistently holding extremely close tolerances through out complete range of slitting strip obtaining tolerance by maintaining high accuracy and efficiency.

pictureThe fine reputation enjoyed by jeromson Korak Machinery co’s advanced design slitting line is result of many factors of great importance to the user and prospective purchaser.

Our slitting line are running most successfully operator, Technician, Engineers are suggesting or repeatedly demanding for our slitting line used for (ferrous & nonferrous) material ( M .s. Ss. Colour coated, CRNGO, CRGO, Tin for cold roll material.)

  • Some of our machinery are import substitute
  • pioneer in India in advance technology
  • Leading in Indian market
  • Highly trained team our manufacturing plant located at Vasai.

We have knowledge, technology and Technical knowhow and manufacturing skill. We have manufactured import substitute machinery our design is proved and also improved production.

We have experience Technician, supervisor, fabricator Machinist and fitters.

We do complete assembly in our factory and do the erecting and commission at sit and start the plant in short time.

Our design to suit Material and incorporating with latest design Technology. quality is more important and to maintain that we pay more attention on material selection, Machining on top class Machining with technic and further process for heat treatment ,grinding we provide our Technical knowhow to our vender to get top result in part or assembly or part of assembly manufacture .

We have knowledge, technology and Technical know-how to Design manufacture the machinery and plant.

We incorporated latest technology. quality is most important as well as selecting raw material. We are using standard and tested Material with reputed manufacturing company machining, processing, manufacturing from top class to get best result.

Our machinery and plant are easy to operate .We have got our own technical knowhow and manufacturing skill, advance technology experience as well as we have got good set up of group. Who are specialised in their field. For manufacturing part or doing labour job as per our design and technical know-how .

Our success in machinery and plant is that we maintain quality best standard raw material from quality control parties .



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