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Our Mr. J. S. Almeida technocrat and designer since 35 year in this line who has designed slitting line first time in India and number one in manufacturing slitting line, wire flattering, sheet leveller, 6 High,4 High, 2 High Rolling Mill, Inspection ,cum rewinding Machine, etc. rolls, Decoiler, coiler, pickling line.

we start our factory in Bhayander, Near Mumbai in March 1979. We shifted from Bhayander to Goregaon Mumbai in 1981 in 2008 we build factory at Vasai Near Mumbai to increase our production of Machinery & plant in name of M/s Solid Machinery company,

pictureour intension is to given best quality Production and profitability to our client by providing machinery and plant through the Best design manufacturing.

Since beginning Mr. J. S. Almeida has been managing Jeromson Korak Machinery co. this high quality company, already well established and increased manufacturing activities. Additional know-how in the area of mechanical engineering and 35 years of experience particularly in designed of machinery & plant of coil strip processing lines in industry has given the company its products new impetus. Today Jeromson Korak Machinery co. machinery are found on all over country.

We are using all standard material tested and best available from reputed parties. Brought out item from standard and expert and reputed parties. such as Motor, Gear boxes, Hardware. Our vendor are best manufacturing parts item. Sub assembly, assembly manufacture as best available in country.

Assembly work is done in our factory to insure that machining, part machine, grinding etc. are done properly part and product which are brought out are purchase from well know manufacturing company.

Jeromson Korak Machinery co.’s policy is to purchase best raw material and all best brought out item and hardware available from reputed parties some of our machinery are import substitute. We give our offer to our client after discussing their requirement in detail we calculate the price, Delivery time etc. and give our quotation.

We have adapted best policy to call expert part and component manufacturer as well as labour job vendor explaining them properly we give them our technical guide line and technical know how to improve the quality of item. Required for our plant joining hand to hand together to build best plant. And also develop group of expert for manufacturing component a sub assembly or assembly unit to incorporate in our design and brought out item which are available in industrial area as well as labour or manufacturing component sophisticated facilities are available in industrial area from where we get our compound inspect in their as well as in our factory before use.

We have knowledge, Technology and technical knowhow We have got good set up of group who are specialised in manufacturing part, product in their field or part in doing labour job .

we purchase standard material from realiable companies Motor, Gear boxes, hardware from reputed vendors. Heat treatment machining, grinding Gear cutting from well known and we have tie up with companies.

Jeromson Korak Machinery co.’s vision is to become More successful and respectable organization we get repeated order and support from our customers in building machinery & plant for coil strip processing line with higher accuracy.

Our machinery & plant are running successful and our customer are happy and Satisfied with production and quality of product Jeromson korak Machinery are robust



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